Welcome to Aberdeen Grammar School

Welcome to Aberdeen Grammar School's dedicated "Learner Pathways" website that can be used with any pupil from S1- S6. The purpose of the website is to help them make informed choices about particular pathways they want to follow and also includes booklets for subject choice and pupil profiles from real life pupils at Aberdeen Grammar School. In addition we have links to Growth areas, CV skills, Skills Development Scotland and other useful links that will help your son/daughter make informed choices as they progress throughout school.

Choose a Course

The information contained here is from external providers that will assist you in your pathway planning.

Jobs of the Future

Scottish Government research has indicated that there will be growth in the following sectors. Please click on links below.


This section deals with specific pathways that are available.


To help you choose your pathway, we have included booklets for use at each individual transition stage in your school career.

Subjects & Careers

Each subject has specific information regarding skills achieved, jobs from each specific subject area and famous people who have studied the subjects.

Pupil Profiles

To make real-life links we have included some examples of current and former pupils from Aberdeen Grammar School.

Pupil Profiles


Subjects studied in S2/3

> Maths > English > Physics > Chemistry > Biology > French > Spanish > History > Drama


Subjects studied in S2/3

> Maths > English > Geography > Spanish > Physics > Chemistry > Biology > PE > Business


Subjects studied in S2/3

> Maths > English > RE > Modern Studies > History > Chemistry > Biology > Physics > Music > Core PE > PE


Subjects studied in S2/3

> English > Chemistry > Maths > French > Physics > CDT > Geography