By choosing to study Hospitality you will develop practical, planning & organisation and time management skills while developing your culinary ability and knowledge of current food issues. This will enhance your capability to make complex dishes and deepen your understanding of cookery processes and preparation techniques essential to Hospitality and the wider industry.

Skills Developed

  • Adapting
  • Decision Making
  • Job Specific Technical & Practical
  • Planning and Organising
  • Strategic Management
  • Working with Others
  • Money
  • Time Management
  • Measurement

Famous people who have used Hospitality to get ahead in life include: Tom Kitchin (Chef), Nick Nairn (Chef), Gary MacLean (Chef), Martin Wishart, Andrew Fairlie, Lady Claire MacDonald, Jamie Oliver (Chef), Kate Quilton (TV food personality/Nutritionist).

Jobs Connected To Hospitality

  • Restaurant staff
  • Chef
  • Event Organisers
  • Health & Safety
  • Food Photographer
  • Food Writer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Development Chef
  • Restaurant Critic
  • Teaching
  • Food Reviewer
  • Author