Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism sector was identified in the Scotland's Economic Strategy as one of the growth sectors in which Scotland can build on existing comparative advantage and increase productivity and growth. Scotland's tourism sector is a diverse industry, with a range of sub-sectors such as hotels, camping sites and other provision of short stay accommodation, restaurants, bars, travel agents, museums and other recreational and cultural activities. In addition, other sectors in the Scottish economy, for example retail and transport, benefit directly and/or indirectly from the tourism industry. Economic activity generated by tourism expenditure cannot be precisely captured using SIC Codes, as tourism is a characteristic of demand rather than specific products or services. However, a number of industries within the service sector can be used to capture economic activity in a set of tourism-related industries outlined below. Data based on this classification do not represent a direct measure of economic activity from tourism, as part of the demand in these industries will be generated by non-tourists as well as tourists.

Scottish Government